My First Post About Radio Controlled Helicopters

There was a time when internet was not there and my computer was an Amiga 500. In that time the reason for living were my Radio Controlled Helicopters. That was a long time ago, it started around 1988 and lasted until 1995. Since then, the total addiction to these fascinating machines slowly diminished to normal levels. Nowadays family life & work almost totally took over from this geeky hobby. But¬†the feeling never totally fanished. Every year when spring is in the air, I go the the attic and garage to take a look to these¬†wonderfull machines. Reloading the batteries and take of the dust from the dark wintertimes. And every year I say to myself, “This will be a wonderfull flying season”. But then normal life takes over again, children asking for attention, deadlines on the office and the only spare time left we spent with the family.

Dust on my Sky Fox

But here we are again, the sun and the smell of the air are saying: “it’s almost spring”. I already went to the attick and checked the thickness of the layers of dust. And I said: “This will be a beautiful flying season!” And so I started this Blog…

My Radio Controlled Model Helicopters Blog